Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder

Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder: Steps for Combatting the Fear and Avoidance of Social Situations

Living with social anxiety disorder can be crippling. The fear of dealing with social situations often leads to avoiding them altogether. The steps in this article were designed to slowly develop an ability to deal with the social situations that are critical to leading a healthy lifestyle. Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder Some signs of

Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders include a number of conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorders, and social phobia. Each of these disorders has specific symptoms, although many have overlapping characteristics. Physical Signs of Anxiety Disorders The type of anxiety disorder, severity of the condition and individual’s physiology impact the physical manifestations

The Warning Signs of Alcoholism

The Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol is ubiquitous in modern society. Social drinking is so prevalent and popular that it’s easy to cross the line into alcohol abuse or even addiction. Drinkers must honestly examine their own feelings about drinking and their drinking patterns to determine if they’re abusing alcohol or suffering from alcohol addiction. Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking

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How to Tell if a Person is an Alcoholic: Alcoholism, or Alcohol Dependence, is More Than a Drinking Problem

Alcohol abuse has long been one of the greatest health epidemics this country faces. Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, affects almost every person at some point in his life. Recent studies suggest that there are more than 12 million alcoholics in America. Yet in a society that centers on alcohol consumption (75% of adults drink beer,

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Christian Drug Rehab Programs

A Combination of Christianity and Traditional Rehab Christian drug rehab programs have been some of the most highly effective treatments for those looking to get through an addiction. Many Christians believe that God will help those in need, if they are willing to help themselves first. For many individuals Christian drug counseling can be the