Can Drug Addiction Be Cured

Can Drug Addiction Be Cured?

The word “cure” is rather a common word, everybody understands what it means. However, in the world of addiction, it has been terribly misused. Hearing it, people think that they are no longer an addict or an alcoholic for that matter.

  • The reality is that alcoholism and other forms of addiction may be treated by going through a rehabilitation program, but relative in nature.
  • It means that even after the treatment, a person is still vulnerable to developing it once again or many times over after that.  
  • The word “cure” is often misleading because it makes people believe that there is one magic bullet for combating addiction or alcoholism.
  • As family members, we are often aggressive in seeking treatment for those who have chronic progressive diseases. We even go as far as trying out one treatment option to another when relapses occur to the patient.
  • In addicted individuals, however, when the patient relapses because the treatment probably did not fit him well, we blame the individual and accuse him of a weaker willpower.

For as long as the person stays committed to the treatment process, the addiction will be treated.

Remember, addiction is no different from diabetes. When a diabetic person stops the treatment process, complications as serious as death may happen. This is the very reason why addicted individuals on treatment are encouraged to stick to the many aspects of a chosen treatment modality. When at the end of the treatment, you still feel the cravings, you can try another cleansing option. You have an unlimited list of treatment options.

When a treatment option was not effective in your battle against addiction, remember it is only the treatment that failed and not you.

For years, it has been a common misconception that if a person relapses from drug abuse while on the process of recovery, it means that he/she failed the treatment program. Relapse, like addiction, is nothing but an outcome of a journey. It is part of the progress of recovery and it is common amongst recovering individuals.

Asthmas and diabetes have its own relapses too and both can be modified by changing the lifestyle habits. This only proves that relapses in drug and alcohol abuse are similar to medical diseases. It can also be treated with the expectations of having the relapse at some point during the course of the treatment.

When relapse occurs, it only means that maybe other methods of recovery are worth trying out and that a change in behavior may be an integral part of succeeding this time. Relapse signals you to try out another way; it is not an absolute failure.

Medication and behavioral therapy are commonly the most effective methods against substance abuse.

Research shows that medication and behavior therapy are effective because they are specific and based on the patient’s psychiatric, social, and medical needs. Moreover, PET scans show that a part of the brain gets excited when the addicted person engages in spiritual meditation. AA and 12-step Fellowship believe that spirituality and contemplation have bigger roles in a successful treatment. As of today, no scientific explanation exists as to how amygdala “lights up” with dopamine when the person enters the spiritual aura.


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