rehab for the rich and famous

Rehab for the Rich and Famous

How Celebs are Gaining Publicity by Partying Too Hard

A new trend has taken Hollywood by storm with major celebrities right in the middle of it. No, not pregnancy. Rehab is that new trend. Stars from the “A” list to the “D” list are doing their best to hop on the train to Rehab-Town. Everyone from Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears to Howie Day, Jessie Metcalf and Jason Wahler from MTV’s The Hills is jumping on the rehab band wagon.

Lindsay Lohan

Most recently, young Lindsay Lohan, 20, was admitted to Promises Malibu Treatment Center for her second, count that, second stint in rehab. According to her father, Michael Lohan, Ms. Lohan is addicted to the painkiller OxiContin as well as alcohol. The days leading up to her latest rehab relapse she was photographed partying, drunk driving and passing out in a friend’s passenger seat. Days later she had checked herself into rehab for the second time, all before the legal drinking age of 21. Before her second stint in rehab, Lohan was sporting a “20 days sober” poker chip and when asked said it was to support a friend. Evidently AA apparel is fashionable and trendy now.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears recently got out of the same rehab center Lohan is in (after Spears admitted herself and then hastily checked herself out multiple times in a matter of days). Ms. Spears has voiced several times, and via her official website, the fact that she is not an alcoholic but was going through hard things in her life and “hit rock bottom” before going to “a very humbling place called rehab.” She also blames her behavior on post-partum depression. Regardless of whether the term alcoholic can be used, Spears was seen before and after rehab partying hard and passing out.

Before rehab Spears was seen gallivanting around numerous clubs a night, flashing her bits and attacking a photographer with an umbrella; not to mention the display of head shaving. In early June she was carried out of the men’s bathroom at Mondrain Hotel’s Sky Bar after she had apparently vomited uncontrollably all over herself and the stall she was occupying then proceeded to pass out on the bathroom floor. Spears was then carried out by her manager.

Other Celebs

Other celebrities like Howie Day, Jessie Metcalf from Desperate Housewives, Nicole Ritchie, and Jason Wahler from The Hills have recently been to rehab as well but haven’t had it advertised nearly as much. The celebs that keep rehab on the down-low may be a little more serious about their recovery or maybe they’re just not using it as a publicity device.

Maybe rehab is becoming trendy because it shows these particular stars are “not that innocent” anymore. Maybe they want to show society they have an edge or just maybe it’s because they haven’t been in the spotlight in awhile and all press is good press?

Whatever their motive, these young celebrities need to wake up, sober up and look at the past if they want to have a future. River Phoenix and Anna Nicole Smith should be cautionary tales to them. Maybe they think getting high and partying is cool now but the reality is much harsher and larger than they realize. Lane Garrison from the show Prison Break is an example; he drove drunk after partying and a 17-year-old male in his car died because of it. These young starlets are playing with something that has, and will, kill. If not them, it may kill someone else.

Rehab may be the new trend or cool thing to do for some reason but they’re killing themselves and their careers on the way to becoming “cool and edgy”.

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