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Why Don’t Famous People Seek Drug Detox?

There is no denying the fact that many celebrities become a victim of drug addiction. This is not a new phenomenon as it has affected stars for years now. For example, Jimi Hendrix died at 27 because of an alcohol and barbiturate overdose. Of course, he is just one of the talented artists who succumbed to drugs, but the question is why?

Mental Imbalances

Most experts agree that one reason someone might be susceptible to drug addiction is because of a mental imbalance. This could be anything from depression to problems with anxiety. Artists are under constant scrutiny about their work, look, or something they might have said. This is on top of the stress that they might be dealing with when performing on stage or meeting deadlines that are put upon them by their producers. In short, artists definitely have a lot of weight on their shoulders, which can explain why some are forced to check into a detox and rehabilitation center.


Stars have a lot more than other people. Not only do they have people at their beck and call, but they also have money to spare. This means drug access is a lot easier than it is for others. A person under this kind of stress might be looking for a way to relieve some of the pressure. No one is saying that money is the only contributing factor for a star’s addiction, but it does not help.

Environmental Influences

Famous people are surrounded by different people. Some of these people might be bad influences who are looking for a way to get this famous person to provide drugs since he or she has the money. Some drug dealers are on the hunt for famous people. These dealers might provide some drugs for free as an investment because they know that famous people have enough money to purchase their products in high amounts and for a long period of time.

Another toxic aspect of a famous person’s environment is the overall expectations that are put on him or her. Many people assume that being famous means that there will be elaborate parties full of crazy shenanigans and drugs. These expectations may encourage the artist to put on these types of festivities, which can lead to drug addiction.

Troubled Past

There is a possibility that the famous person came to stardom with baggage. The baggage does not disappear because of fame; in fact, it could be magnified. It is not uncommon for artists to draw from tribulations in their pasts, which may end up making them relive some of that pain. This could make them susceptible to not only illegal drugs but also prescription drugs.

There is no way to answer this question with concrete details, but these are just some of the most plausible reasons why some famous people get hooked on drugs. Thankfully, all those susceptible (even non-famous people) to drugs still have professionals seeking to help with their expertise and detox programs.

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